Have you ever been told it’s large, ‘fatty’ buds that are all the rage? You’ve been misled – either negligently or intentionally. Cheap weed smalls are up to par and carry the best strain features in the same way commercially popular flower parts do. Although they are noticeably tinier, they were grown on the same plant, received the same amount of nutrients and sunlight, and developed just as much CBD. But they are still way more affordable, thanks to their size.

Buy hemp flower smalls at AA Hemp Farm to have itsy-bitsy perfection for your CBD experiences. Our nugs are:

  • Beautiful and hand-trimmed, so they never look like leftovers or an unwanted product
  • Rich in CBD, keeping it at the strain-specific level – from 9% to 20%
  • Prized for their appetizing, lingering aroma and flavors
  • Great for the same experiences as full-sized buds

Want to try high-grade, well-manicured CBD weed smalls? If you are new to this size game, you can request sample buds to check their appearance, aroma, effects, and everything in between. If you are happy with your nugs for testing purposes and choose to order more CBD flower smalls online, you will not have to pay for your samples.

These smalls have been checked with a fine-tooth comb to ensure they will not cause legal issues. With their 9-20% CBD range, the nugs only have traces of THC, amounting to less than 0.3%. You can buy, use, and carry them with confidence.

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