• FAST SHIPPING: To US states
  • DELTA 9 THC: 10 mg per gummy
  • SAFETY: Vegan, Gluten-free
  • QUALITY: Rich spectrum of cannabinoids
  • LEGAL: Farm Bill compliant
  • RESTRICTIONS: Must be 21
  • COA: Full panel tested
  • ORIGIN: Oregon hemp



Our vegan Delta 9 THC gummies are delicious, potent, and easy to dose with 10 mg Delta 9 per gummy.  Our gummies are made with delicious juicy flavors and are a perfect texture. They are a discreet form factor that’s perfect for travel. Get the same effects of a cannabis-derived Delta 9 THC gummy but in a compliant, legal-to-ship, and consume hemp-derived option. This product is in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill and is <0.3% THC by volume.


Many consumers describe the effects of Delta 9 THC as increasing presence, bringing down anxiety, and creating deeper and more meaningful social interactions. All of this can vary from person to person; it’s really about your mood and intent. Whether you want to use Delta 9 THC to relax, feel more connected, enjoy nature, meditate, increase flow or party; it’s a great product you should experience for yourself.


We recommend one gummy for the average person and potentially two for those with a higher tolerance. For most, one gummy will still allow for a social and active experience whereas two could be heavy and is recommended for times where relaxation is the goal. All of this depends on each person’s tolerance level though so it’s always recommended to start with the minimum dose and build from there to have the best experience.

It’s important to note that edibles take 30-60 minutes to first take effect (depending on a person’s digestive speed and other factors) and up to 2-3 hours to feel the peak of the effects. Never increase dosing until after 2-3 hours to ensure an accurate gauge of the peak intensity of the last dose.

Our vegan Delta 9 gummies contain fruit pectin which makes them easier to digest and thus more bioavailable. This means the effects of our gummy may be felt sooner than with standard slower-digesting gelatin-based alternatives. The fruit pectin also has a higher melt point and minimizes the risk the gummies will accidentally melt when left or stored in warm places.


For a couch-lock effect try our Knockout Softgels (Knockout Gummies coming soon) which compounds additional psychoactive & sedating compounds or our Nightime Delta 8 Gummies which are the same as our Delta 8 gummies but with melatonin added.

Want a fuller spectrum high that’s closer to that of cannabis? Try the Delta 8 Live Resin Gummies. which couples Delta 8, a strong psychoactive compound like Delta 9 THC that also has other plant compounds which brings a fuller more-balanced experience and effect.

Want something milder for work and focus times? Try our CBD gummies which are non-psychotropic.


The popularity of a brand and a higher price tag are not indicative of a better product, it’s indicative of a brand being established which is often marketing driven not based on quality. Let’s talk about the impactful product variables worth weighing when purchasing any product, not just gummies.

The important variables for product quality include taking a deeper look at the potency, taste, texture, and safety. This is because a 10 mg Delta 9 gummy is always going to be as strong as any other 10 mg Delta 9 gummy.

Since safety is important, let’s start there. The quality of the Delta 9 input used and the integrity of the company supplying the COA are paramount. This is because it’s so easy to supply a COA that isn’t accurate so you must trust a company to do the right thing to ensure the input material is safe.

Here are some things you should always look for:

  • An ISO-accredited lab like we use, to ensure accuracy of the labeled potency and safety of the products
  • Batch testing to ensure you get the amount of Delta 9 THC listed and can rely on accurate dosing and effects
  • Hemp-derived Delta 9 THC from companies like ours to ensure the product is legal to consume in states that are not legal for cannabis products

We believe in keeping our premium products accessible and affordably priced and never sacrifice quality to do so. We are guided by a commitment to making the best products we can which is why our gummies are some of the best selling in our industry (and used by some of the largest Delta 8 and CBD brands).


After we ensure the potency and safety of our product we nerd hard on the flavor and texture because we know there are a lot of options to choose from and we take pride in always striving to be the best.

Our Delta 9 Gummy formulation offers a texture that is well-balanced (neither too soft nor too firm) with attention to stability to minimize the risk of melting in warm conditions (a common issue with gummy products).

When it comes to taste, we took our time finding our flavors and chose the best natural fruit flavors we could find. We researched what the most popular flavor profiles were and found the juiciest versions for our Delta 9 gummies.


We stand behind the products we sell and want to eliminate the concern of buying a product that doesn’t meet expectations. We know we’re doing special things over here and want to do what we can to earn your trust. We offer credits or full refunds when that’s preferred.

Before launching our products we take time to test them and get feedback. We use comprehensive formulations that deliver results while also paying attention to taste and other important details that impact the experience.


Delta 9 products that are hemp-derived and not cannabis-derived are federally legal to consume and have in the United States. This is because the 2018 Farm Bill states that it is legal to contain up to 0.3% Delta 9 THC by dry weight volume per product. Our Delta 9 THC gummies are 3.6 grams by weight which allows them to legally have up to 10 mg THC per gummy while staying conservative to ensure compliance.


The most important factors to consider when shopping for Delta 9 THC gummies online are whether they are made from a hemp-derived source to be federally compliant to ship, whether they are high quality and effective and whether they are made safe.


For Delta 9 to be legal to buy online it must be made from CBD or hemp-derived sources. There are a few ways this is done but as long as it isn’t extracted from cannabis it is fine. The best way to ensure the product is truly hemp-derived is to purchase from businesses that are hemp-based like ours. There are a lot of illegal websites online selling black-market cannabis products so be careful when making purchases.


It’s not uncommon for the wrong COA to be used for a product. Whether the COA is from an older batch of product or from a cherry-picked sample there are a lot of things companies may do to cut costs or increase the value of their product. It’s also important they use ISO-accredited labs so you can trust the results on the COA are accurate. These are things you can always count on us doing as we operate on a foundation of integrity and commitment to our customers and partners.


There are a lot of compounds used in the process of making the different ingredients that go into Delta 9 THC gummies. There is potential for mold and heavy metals in common food ingredients as well as solvents and pesticides in the hemp-derived compounds and we always full-panel batch test to ensure ours are safe and free of these things.


The truth is nearly all hemp is low THC cannabis. Industrial hemp had almost no THC while modern-day offerings are typically cannabis plants that have had the THC bred out of them to obtain compliance. This means that the only difference is how much THC is contained in the product but otherwise it is the exact same compound with the same effects.


Most people experience that Delta 9 is more of a head high and can be heavier than Delta 8. It usually is usually in products as a fuller-spectrum distillate since it doesn’t have to have the THC removed which can make it a fuller high that has fewer highs and lows as compared to isolated high potency products.

Delta 8 is a great alternative for people who experience feeling anti-social and get anxiety when consuming cannabis. It is also recommended to reset your tolerance with either compound from time to time, especially for those who have higher levels of consumption. So if you consume a lot of Delta 9 THC consider alternating with Delta 8 and vice versa.


Delta 9 THC is widely considered stronger but only by a small degree. They are similar but different highs with Delta 8 being described by most as better for social and active use versus Delta 9 being better for restful or more sedative use. This is because most Delta 9 products are focused on the highest potency and lack many of the other plant compounds to balance the effects and experience. Apple to apples though if nothing varied except the mg of Delta 9 versus the mg of Delta 8 most report that Delta 8 is about 70% psychotropic

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