Our Bubba Kush CBD hemp flower is a great option for those seeking a relaxing strain geared for nighttime. Bubba Kush CBD flower is a classic strain known for its dense big bud structure and sedative effects. The flavor profile tends to lean gassy and earthy and it is a smooth smoke for a sungrown flower. For an organic flower option with a unique terpene profile, check our Sour Pineapple Flower.

CBD flower is a great option for those wanting something lighter than cannabis which is heavy in Delta 9 THC. It still has a noticeable effect but it is better for day use or times when you want to still be able to think and not be such a body and head high that you don’t want to do anything after smoking it.  CBD hemp flower is available in all 50 states, even where cannabis is still not legalized.

If you are wanting something stronger and closer to the effects and psychoactivity of cannabis we suggest trying our Delta 8 flower.

This and the other CBD hemp flower cultivars for sale on our site are federally compliant and contain less than .3% Delta 9 (THC). With all of our flower listings, we strive for transparency and try to provide the most accurate representation but due to the nature of the product variables will occur in overall appearance including color variations and size variations. What won’t vary is the effect, aroma, and cannabinoid profile.


  • PROFILE: Gassy Earthy
  • COLOR: Dark Green with hints of Purple
  • DENSITY & STRUCTURE: Primarily large and mid-size buds with a density of 3.5 out of 5
  • TRIM QUALITY: Machine trimmed with a hand finish (small amount of fan leaf/less than 10%)
  • SEEDS: None
  • COA: Current COA for each lot of flower is provided with purchase. You can also view current COA’s on our COA page of this site.
  • PRECAUTIONS: Product is psychoactive
  • DELTA 8: None
  • DELTA 9: Under legal limit of .3% or LOQ
  • ONSET & DURATION: Inhalation 5-15 min to feel effect | Duration 2-4 hours on average
  • PACKAGING: Orders under 1 lb are retail packaged & orders over 1 lb are shipped in vacuum-sealed or mylar bags
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Add Delta 8, Delta 10, CBN or other cannabinoids, choose your terpenes and your flower
  • PRODUCT VARIABLES: Because this product is a plant and is not factory produced there will be variables between the buds. Embrace their differences. They are for therapeutic use not for use as a centerfold.


We have been selling CBD hemp flower since the first year when it was just CBD biomass and then people realized you could pick the CBD flower out and sell it separately. That was a wild year and genetics have come a looooooong way since then, hail Mary. Our mission has & will always be, lifting the industry up, informing, & educating. And for that mission, we have had countless discussions with shop owners, distributors, & consumers we do business with about what the best way to buy CBD hemp flower is.

It is up to you- the buyer, the consumer to be informed & demand the right things in the flower you purchase & to care about the right things as unfortunately we have seen a majority of businesses just respond to what the customers requests rather than taking ownership & setting the expectation. So set that expectation! Carry the torch!

CBD hemp flower is not a showpiece, it is either being consumed to get high or to use as medicine. The WAY THE CBD HEMP FLOWER LOOKS is the least important factor, so stop buying showpieces! Now that being said, obviously, a brown, questionable-looking piece of CBD hemp flower is not what we mean by looks. What we mean is- stop worrying if the flower is purple or light green. Stop worrying about how frosty the CBD hemp flower looks- that doesn’t make it more potent. Stop worrying if it’s a bunch of small buds instead of a chunky one- that just makes it cheaper and that’s a win, not a loss- it has NO EFFECT on the QUALITY of the CBD hemp flower. It doesn’t matter if the flower is dense or larfy.

What does it smell like? What terpenes does it possess? What is the cannabinoid content? Was it cured correctly? Is it a therapeutic piece of flower or not? These are the things that matter. That you should demand. BUBBA KUSH HEMP FLOWER

When shopping in person always ask to smell the flower. The aroma & cure are the most indicative of whether its going to be good CBD hemp flower or not. If it doesn’t smell good, don’t buy it. For online purchases, things get a little trickier & honestly- we are searching for ways to increase transparency for you in that process but in the meantime, not sure which CBD hemp flower you want from our site? Give us a call. Tell us what you want & we are happy to recommend the best option.

Our last comment is for the potency hunters. If potency is your goal we highly recommend trying our CBD live resin dabs & carts which offer concentrated cannabinoids & single strain effects. If you aren’t attached to smoking, eating an edible including our 25 mg Delta 8 gummies or the 40 mg Delta 8 caramel. We are launching a 50mg Delta 9 caramel soon too! For CBD hemp flower because it is a natural product there is variation & you need to come to expect that.

Even if you ask to see a COA for the flower & it says its 18% CBD, understand that not every piece of CBD hemp flower from that same field, tests that. It is normal to have significant variance in the same field. Furthermore, call any testing lab in cannabis or hemp & they will tell you an acceptable rate of variance is up to 20% with potency! COA’s are not very telling- is our point to make there. Furthermore- focusing on potency means half the industry just sends the CBD hemp flower to 5 labs to get the highest result to use with their flower. It’s not real. You will not know the difference if we hand you a 15% or a 20% CBD piece of flower & smoke it.

So wrapping around again- focus on the cure & smell. Focus on how it feels when you smoke it. Buy several single grams of different cultivars & try them & go based on what you feel not what a COA says or someone writes trying to sell the flower online or someone says trying to sell the flower in a shop.


This same strain is available with Delta 8 if you want increased potency or as a moonrock. We highly recommend buying the raw flower and a dripper of delta 8 or live resin instead of Delta 8 flower so you can dose your flower with the exact amount you want. Delta 8 treatments can discolor flower. This doesn’t affect the effect but we are advocates for fresh flower and dosing your own instead.


The Hemp Collect has large lots of CBD hemp flower priced at direct-from-farm prices due to our relationships and wholesale agreements. We have insured freight & some of the most competitive shipping rates in the industry. We work with brands purchasing larger lots of flower that need to guarantee consistency with QCing on shipments to ensure quality is maintained. BULK FLOWER ON SALE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST


The Bubba Kush strain has many names including Purple Bubba Kush, Bubba Blue, Purple Bubba, Black Bubba, Bubba Sticks, Bubba Cookies, Bubblekush, OG Bubba Kush, and King Bubba.”BK,” “Bubba,” and “Bubba OG Kush”. It is considered an Indica dominant marijuana strain and it has gained notoriety in the US for its heavy tranquilizing effects. It’s also got a decent following in Amsterdam and can be found in a decent number of coffee shops in the Netherlands.

Bubba Kush was considered incredibly potent when it was first created. Although some strains have slowly taken over it potency-wise, this strain is still nothing to laugh at. The average India has around 12.5% THC content, whereas Bubba Kush on average has 14.5%. The highest phenotypes of this strain measure at 22.5%, and will knock even the most adept stoners to the floor. buy BUBBA KUSH HEMP FLOWER

Bubba’s stocky plant stature and bulky bud structure suggest Afghani descent, but its genetic origins aren’t certain. The breeder whom this strain was named after states that Bubba Kush emerged just after 1996, when an OG Kush pollinated an unknown Indica strain obtained in New Orleans. The mother plant was supposedly Northern Lights, but the genetically ambiguous Indica was simply called “Bubba.” buy BUBBA KUSH HEMP FLOWER

The Bubba Kush CBD hemp flower cultivar was bred from Bubba Kush 69 pheno and naturally expresses low prominence of Delta 9 THC. The genetics were bred by Souvverign Fields of Oregon. Bubba Kush CBD hemp flower expresses visually in many of the same ways its cannabis “mother” genetics do- larger, dense, buds with forest green to purple hues throughout. It is also a very hardy strain that is easier genetic to grow. With the Bubba Kush hemp CBD cultivar, the aroma profile from the terpenes is often gassier leaning which is a highly desired terpene profile by many consumers. buy BUBBA KUSH HEMP FLOWER

The ease with which Bubba Kush CBD flower grows, the vigor of the plant, the density & overall appealing appearance of the genetics coupled with the heavier effect & gas-leaning aromatics make it obvious why this is a clear choice among hemp farm growers & consumers. buy BUBBA KUSH HEMP FLOWER

We like the Bubba Kush cultivar because it is one of the heavier CBD strains when it is grown & cured correctly. If you haven’t tried it, it’s one we definitely recommend putting on your list. v


Bubba Kush has inherited the Kush flavors, and also the fantastic taste of Northern Lights. As such, you should enjoy this famous strain inside a flower vaporizer. Without this, you’ll seriously regret it. Although some of the best-tasting strains can be enjoyed inside blunt wraps and still have a great flavor, older strains like this can’t. The burning of the flower and the paper can really ruin the taste, especially if you have bad wraps. As such, a flower vaporizer with ground-up buds inside really is the best way forward. The full taste profile of Bubba Kush is:

  • Earthy
  • Woody
  • Sweet
  • Kush

Its flavor is often described as hashish flavors with subtle notes of chocolate coming through on exhale. A body relaxing effect, muscles ease with heaviness as relaxation blankets the mind. Bubba Kush morphology tends to be dense, round & bulky. Typical color hues range from forest green to pale purple.BUBBA KUSH HEMP FLOWER


  • Bisabolol
  • Myrcene
  • Humulene

Bubba Kush CBD Hemp Flower Potent buy online lb and gram and eight


Some strains that are similar to Bubba Kush Cbd hemp flower include Pie Face, Sunset Sherbet, Purple Sherbert & animal cookies.

bubba kush strain alternatives

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