• LIVE RESIN CULTIVARS: Sour Lifter, Sour Pineapple, & OG Kush
  • TEXTURE: Sugary diamonds warm honey consistency
  • PSYCHOACTIVITY: Psychotropic
  • CBD: Aprox 40%, COA provided w/purchase
  • DELTA 8: Aprox 50%, COA provided w/purchase
  • Δ9 THC: >.3%
  • TESTING: Full Panel Tested Inputs and Batch-Specific COAs



By blending our CBD live resin extract with Delta 8 distillate & other minor cannabinoids, we are able to offer an extract with a potent effect that is more balanced & enjoyable as compared to products with Delta 8 alone. This is due to the inclusion of more of the plant’s compounds in the dab. We are thoughtful about the desired effect & compound other cannabinoids to increase this direction.DELTA8 LIVE RESIN WAX

CBD live resin Delta 8 sugar is for those wanting a centered cannabinoid blend & a better quality high. It is not our least psychoactive dab nor our most potent dab but a terpene-rich middle ground. Each individual’s tolerance level & endocannabinoid system will cause varying effects but most consumers who have purchased this product report feeling a nice light high that still allows focus but may help with anxiety.DELTA8 LIVE RESIN WAX

The CBD live resin used in this product was made from curated Oregon-grown hemp flower, chosen for its unique or therapeutic cannabinoid & terpene profile. To make CBD live resin the CBD (hemp) flower is frozen as it’s harvested out of the field, preserving the plant’s compounds. Our frozen CBD (hemp) flower is then made into a cannabinoid & terpene-rich extract containing far more therapeutic potential compared to most CBD distillate-based extracts on the market (using dried-out biomass). CBD live resin preserves the cultivar’s taste & aroma giving you closer to what you would find with cannabis extracts, no botanical terpenes are needed.DELTA8 LIVE RESIN WAX


  • LIVE RESIN CULTIVARS: Sour Lifter, Sour Pineapple, & OG Kush
  • COLOR: Yellow to honey-colored
  • TEXTURE: Sugary warm honey consistency
  • PSYCHOACTIVITY: Psychotropic
  • CBD: Aprox 40%, COA provided w/purchase
  • DELTA 8: Aprox 50%, COA provided w/purchase
  • Δ9 THC: >.3%
  • TERPENES: CBD Live Resin
  • DOSING: Approx 25 mg per serving
  • INHALED ONSET: 0-5 min
  • CONSUMPTION: Use dab device, nectar collector or top flowers &/or prerolls
  • STORAGE: Store away from heat, light & minimize oxygen exposure
  • PACKAGING: 1-3.5 gram sizes are retail packaged (all other sizes packaged as bulk)
  • ORIGIN MATERIAL: Sungrown Oregon hemp flower


Delta 8 is a nearly isolated compound with typically less than 5-10% other compounds left in the distillate.DELTA8 LIVE RESIN WAX

As the industry has matured one lesson prevails, isolates are not the most therapeutic; fuller spectrums that stay as close to the plant’s natural composition as possible make premium products with higher therapeutic potential.DELTA8 LIVE RESIN WAX

With cannabis products, you get the plant’s other compounds with the psychoactive compound, Delta 9 THC. In hemp, many products are just Delta 8 so to get closer to cannabis quality we couple it with CBD live resin. By coupling CBD live resin with Delta 8, you get one of the fullest spectrums you can & a much closer-to-cannabis-like high-end product.DELTA8 LIVE RESIN WAX


There are many vendors starting to sell “live resin” but many that we have come across are using “live resin terpenes” and not the full spectrum CBD Live Resinextract. There is a big difference. Try for yourself. With our CBD Live Resin Delta 8 Sugar Dab you get strain-specific CBD live resin infused into the distillate, not just hemp-derived terpenes marketed as “Live Resin terpenes”.DELTA8 LIVE RESIN WAX

We highly recommend reading the next section, “What is CBD Live Resin” below to fully understand the difference between a product made with CBD live resin and one made with standard distillate which is what nearly all products are made of. This is important information to understand.

We stand behind the products we make. We know what it’s like to get burned buying a product that didn’t live up to expectations & we want to do all that we can to be the company in this space that is known for its customer service & ethics. If you get a product that did not live up to expectations let us know & we will do our best to find a solution to get something that more aligns with your needs (at our discretion to avoid abuse of this policy).DELTA8 LIVE RESIN WAX


Most distillates on the market are made using cannabis or CBD (hemp) biomass which has been dried out before extraction. These are two things CBD live resin is not.DELTA8 LIVE RESIN WAX

To start with, biomass is mostly dried/cured plant material that has less of a concentration of the plant’s therapeutic compounds. Our CBD live resin is extracted from whole bud CBD flower, not biomass. Furthermore, we hand harvest the flower versus machine harvesting like others. This matters because it helps to preserve those same compounds that can be damaged and lost with machine harvesting as it is not a gentle enough process. There simply is no faking the funk when it comes to live resin extracts, you get out what you put in.  Since you’re concentrating the flavor profile of the flower used in extraction,  good quality input is required to yield a good output. This is not the same for bulk distillates flavored with terpenes.

So CBD live resin is extracted off of the most phytochemistry-dense part of the plant, the flower, and that flower has to be of superior quality to yield a flavorful and effective extract.

Secondly, CBD live resin is made from flower that is never dried and is instead frozen right after the flower is harvested. This matters because a lot of the flavor & aroma compounds on cannabis & CBD flower plants are easily disrupted by temperature swings, so freezing the flower right away protects the flower from these compounds being lost. That frozen flower is kept in subcritical temperatures up until it is cold processed into CBD Live Resin. Read more in our CBD Live Resin blog.


  • Hand-harvested to protect compounds
  • Extracted from flavorful flower to get a more concentrated spectrum of phytochemistry
  • Uses freshly frozen flower material not dried to preserve and lock in those compounds
  • Strain-specific Live Resin, not just “terpenes” added to a generic crude extract


  • Almost always machine-harvested, destroying delicate compounds
  • Extracted from mostly leaves, some flowers & stems. Often degraded
  • Uses dried out biomass material that has lost much of the cultivar profile


If you’re a consumer purchasing the live resin you can consume your CBD Live Resin Delta 8 Sugar dab in many ways including:

  • Dab it as is using a dab rig
  • Dab using a portable dab pen or nectar collector
  • Top ground flower with the dab
  • Put beads of the dab inside your pre-roll to infuse the pre-roll

Use a lower temperature setting on your device or let glass cool after heating for best taste. For best experience understanding the importance of terpenes and cannabinoid temperatures jump to “Ideal Temp for Dabbing or Vaping Terpenes * Cannabinoids” below on this page.

Different effects are felt when the product is inhaled or orally consumed without heat. We recommend trying both to understand what works best for your needs. Oral consumption has the benefit of lasting longer in your system while inhaled has the benefit of being faster acting. This product is not ideal for oral consumption and is best inhaled. If you want to try our oral versions try our live resin capsules, live resin tincture or live resin gummies.


This product can be purchased in:

  • Bulk, unlabeled in a kilo ready to be grammed out
  • Grammed out with no label
  • Grammed out with Modern Herb Co label
  • Grammed out with your brands label

Custom formulations can also be done with other cannabinoids and minors with min MOQs met. Contact sales for further details.


Cannabis & CBD (hemp) flower contains hundreds of chemical compounds, but some of the most discussed include cannabinoids and terpenes. Terpenes are the aromatic molecules responsible for the flavor and aroma in different cannabis & CBD flower cultivars. Not only do terpenes lend flavor but they also have effects on the body, on their own & when combined with cannabinoids.

Most products show a recommended vaporizing point that focuses on the that of THC which is 157°C. Other cannabinoids, such as CBD are a much lower temp and should be consumed at 180°C. But it’s important to consider the terpenes as well since they are also in whatever you are consuming.

Let’s look at a list of some of the more common terpenes, and things to know to get the best experience when consuming them in products.


To achieve vaporization of specific compounds, you’ll need a vaporizer that has the ability to adjust the temperature control or an accurate laser thermometer for your dab rig.

Another important thing to know is if the compounds will begin to vaporize at temperatures lower than their boiling points, and will also vaporize at temperatures higher than their boiling points (this is why drying out cannabis & CBD flower can be detrimental, which we discuss in more detail above)

Terpenes & cannabinoids are volatilized at temperatures above & below their boiling points as there is a diverse range of compounds present within cannabis & CBD flower, it’s not possible to target a single compound for vaporization. At whatever temperature you pick, you will inevitably affect multiple so it’s important to be strategic when picking the ideal temperature for what you’re going to consume.



Myrcene is a sedative compound that is thought to flip the effects of THC from energizing to couch-locking. If it’s relaxation or help sleeping you’re after, myrcene is the terpene you want to target.


Pinene is an energizing scent that may contribute to a more alert, active high. Some scientists believe it may counteract the short-term memory deficits induced by THC. Preferentially, vaporizing pinene makes sense if you’re using cannabis during the day or at a time where you want to be mentally sharp.


Limonene is thought to elevate mood, and some research suggests it might treat depression. This could be a good terpene to try targeting if you are feeling down. Regardless of its potential effects, this compound lends a pleasant lemon note to the cannabis experience.DELTA8 LIVE RESIN WAX


Studies suggest that caryophyllene may have analgesic effects. It may be a good terpene to preferentially vaporize if you are using cannabis to treat pain. It offers a spicy, woody, and peppery scent.DELTA8 LIVE RESIN WAX


Linalool is a sedative, relaxing compound, which may also elevate mood. Targeting the temperature for this terpene makes sense when using cannabis to relax or before bedtime. It also contributes a floral aroma to the vaporizing experience.DELTA8 LIVE RESIN WAX


In all the following scenarios let’s say we have a single cultivar of flower, Pink Panther which is a CBD (hemp) flower that contains a wide range of terpenes & cannabinoids. For the purpose of making a point, we will say this cultivar contains all of the following mentioned terpenes & cannabinoids below.DELTA8 LIVE RESIN WAX


By targeting the ideal temperature for pinene which is 156°C & by staying below the boiling point of myrcene, 167°C, you can avoid its highly sedative effects. Since THC vaporizes at 157°C, you’ll likely want to vape at this temperature to consume that compound too.DELTA8 LIVE RESIN WAX


Now you’ll turn up the temperature to capture the myrcene you avoided earlier as you want to have more of a relaxed and sedative effect and you may choose to avoid targeting the Pinene which can be better for more focused times.DELTA8 LIVE RESIN WAX

Hope this helps illustrate the importance of temperature during consumption! We are working to release an infographic on our site to use as a guide & will publish it here when ready as well as release it to our email subscribers so sign up (on the bottom of this site) if you haven’t already.DELTA8 LIVE RESIN WAX

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Sour Lifter, OG Kush, Sour Pineapple


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