• COLOR: Yellow to honey-colored
  • TEXTURE: Smooth and viscous (warm honey consistency)
  • CBD: 50-70%
  • DELTA 8: 0%
  • Δ9 THC: Non detect
  • TERPENES: Hemp-derived (Botanical terpenes available for custom orders)
  • ONSET: Inhaled = 5 min-15 min
  • DURATION:  Inhaled = 2-4 hours
  • HANDLING: Must be warmed
  • STORAGE: Store sealed at room temperature or lower and avoid excessive heat
  • PACKAGING: 1-3.5 gram sizes are retail packaged (all other sizes packaged as bulk)
  • ORIGIN MATERIAL: Sungrown Oregon hem


Well-curated CBD Live Resin distillate for sale

If you prefer consuming top-of-the-range extracts, regular distillates are not for you. They are made from non-perfect material and questionable formulations. That means they may contain pretty much everything, from leaves to other parts of hemp. However, this Live Resin CBD distillate is different. It’s made with hand-harvested, fresh-frozen leaves of sun-grown Oregon hemp. As a result, you get a truly ‘Live’ resin of top quality. buy CBD LIVE RESIN DISTILLATE

Just warm it up before consumption and then store it properly without exposure to extreme temperatures. That’s how you can retain its therapeutic properties and still enjoy the magic terpenes of the natural product. Unlike traditional distillates, this extract can give you more than you usually expect from CBD.

Buy CBD Live Resin distillate to relax without getting high

The extract has no psychotropic effect as it is not as potent as D8 or D9 products. However, you can mix your resin with them to get the desired result. buy CBD LIVE RESIN DISTILLATE

This cheap CBD Live Resin distillate for sale may be blended to be psychoactive, and its aftereffects depend on the method of consumption. You can inhale it via pre-rolls and vapes for the immediate impulse of relaxation or add it to edibles and other ‘eatable’ forms for a prolonged but a bit delayed impact on your body and mind. buy CBD LIVE RESIN DISTILLATE

Order distillate CBD Live Resin in bulk to create amazing combinations with THC and your favorite buds – and never be limited to what you can blend or consume.buy CBD LIVE RESIN DISTILLATE

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