Although a new offering in the hemp space, Butane Hash Oil (BHO) has dominated the craft cannabis market since the early days of the recreational industry. By fresh freezing whole-plant hemp in sub-critical temperatures just after harvesting, CBD-rich Live Resin captures and preserves the true essence of hemp flower.  CBD live resin is able to preserve the lighter, more delicate terpenes that are often lost during traditional methods of drying hemp flowers.WHAT IS CBD LIVE RESIN

Unlike distillate or isolate forms, CBD live resin is a more full-spectrum extract that offers the desired high CBD content without losing the entourage effect inducing compounds such as single-source terpenes, flavinoids, minor cannabinoids, and other delicate hemp photochemistry. Research has shown broader spectrum extracts are more effective than isolated or distilled cannabinoids due to the natural presence of these additional plant compounds.WHAT IS CBD LIVE RESIN

Fresh-frozen input material locks in the raw expression of the plant, which then requires higher quality hemp inputs to be used when making live resin than would be deemed necessary for an isolate or distillate product. You simply can’t fake the funk when it comes to CBD live resin. Good in, good out.WHAT IS CBD LIVE RESIN


Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is a trusted extraction process in which butane and pressure are used to extract the desired cannabinoids and flavor profile. Taken one step further, some craft processors focus on solely processing flower that was immediately fresh-frozen at harvest. This enables consumers to experience an extract that is a raw representation of the specific cultivar, something not attainable without fresh freezing and locking in the plants’ fresh-harvested profile. It’s widely believed that as much as 60% of the plant’s terpene content is lost during the drying process. The resulting product offered by CBD live resin extraction has more terpenes overall, particularly the lightweight and volatile monoterpenes like Myrcene and Terpinolene, preserving a more complete expression of the fresh plant profile.

Fresh Freeze & Process 

To make the best CBD live resin, processors work very closely with farmers to ensure they harvest the hemp plants only once they’ve reached full maturity and express the desired traits consumers are looking for. The freshly harvested hemp is immediately frozen in subcritical freezers or loaded into dry ice on the field after harvesting from the plant stalk. This prevents the natural evaporation, oxidization, and conversion of much sought after terpenes and cannabinoids. Once preserved in a sub-critical freeze, the plant material remains frozen throughout the entire extraction process.

Purge Solvents

During the post-processing phase, after complete extraction of the desired cannabinoids, terpenes, and strain-specific photochemistry, the solvent is then recaptured in a variety of methods. To ensure the extract has purged any excess hydrocarbons or residual solvents, the extract is typically heated and processed one final time. All CBD live resin, when processed by regulated hemp processors, is later tested and ensured to contain harmful levels of residual solvents and pesticides.


After purging the solvent,  CBD live resin undergoes the Crystallization phase, often referred to as “Diamond Mining”.  This crucial step allows for some of the CBDa present in the extract to convert to CBD. CBDa, or cannabidiol acid, is a compound that occurs abundantly in hemp and cannabis plants. Like CBD, CBDa interacts with the endocannabinoid system as a cannabinoid yet it may offer even more potent health benefits ranging from pain, inflammation relief to mood enhancement. You can learn more about CBDa on our blog post, What is CBDa? Is it “better” than CBD?

After the CBD cannabinoids have crystallized at the base, the CBDa and terpene-rich liquid separate from the crystals in a manner not unlike oil and water. Leaving a layer of CBD crystals, “Diamonds” enveloped in a highly viscous liquid of CBDa and terpenes, “Sauce”. Both in the ideal state for uncut consumption when combined to desired ratio.WHAT IS CBD LIVE RESIN


Live resin extracts are revered for quality by both cannabis and hemp consumers who prefer dabbable extracts or vape products. The most obvious benefits of live resin include a more flavorful terpene profile, a broader range of cannabinoids and terpenes compared to other extracts, yet it can also be said the full spectrum nature offers a more effective product. The Entourage Effect that increases this effectiveness is brought on by a broader range of compounds such as single-source terpenes, flavinoids, minor cannabinoids, and other delicate hemp photochemistry.WHAT IS CBD LIVE RESIN

If you’d like an extract that maintains integrity to the plants original and raw expression, then live resin is for you

Different terpenes and cannabinoids offer varying degrees of benefit therapeutically towards different ailments. A few common uses include treating anxiety, depression, insomnia, nausea, and lack of appetite. Effects and benefits vary on many factors including also, including the user’s sensitivity and dosageFull-spectrum extracts like CBD Live Resin enable consumers to find a strain profile that works for them and consume in a variety of methods.WHAT IS CBD LIVE RESIN


Strain-specific, terpene-rich extracts offer a great full spectrum, cannabis dabbing experience yet are under the compliant levels of D9 THC. CBD live resin can be fortified with D8 and other minor cannabinoids to modify the end experience. The Hemp Collect offers CBD Live Resin, a terpene-rich plant full pant profile with potency packed D8 distillate.


Like most high-quality extracts, CBD live resin is commonly dabbed in a variety of rigs or concentrate vaporizers but its full plant profile also makes for a great active ingredient for a wide range of manufactured goods; including tinctures, topicals, and gelcaps.WHAT IS CBD LIVE RESIN

Dabbing live resin allows for a more pure and uncut experience of what CBD live resin has to offer and should be done at lower temps to fully experience the more delicate plant flavor and aroma compounds. To dab live resin, a dab rig or vaporizing device is used at low temperatures to preserve those delicate terpenes carried on by the fresh frozen extract.WHAT IS CBD LIVE RESIN

Another way to consume live resin is by topping off your bowl or joint with a small portion. This amplifies the existing flower, combining it with the benefits of the CBD live resin. Just scoop some resin onto your bowl of flower or onto your pre-roll, and enjoy the full plant profile addition to any flower product.WHAT IS CBD LIVE RESIN


THC remediation is the bane of compliant hemp products and moreover with an uncut extract such as live resin. Remediation of Delta 9 (THC) from the live resin generally entails that the CBD live resin is adulterated in some fashion, where the constituents are separated to remove the THC and then put back together. Depending on the method, this can damage or even offgas some of those same terpenes and flavonoids the delicate process aimed to preserve. Further progress on remediation techniques continues to advance by the day. Some interesting innovations include fortifying CBD Live Resin with other hemp-derived, psychoactive compounds.WHAT IS CBD LIVE RESIN


Many consumers desire the full spectrum flavor and effect but also want a psychoactively fortified experience in their dabbable extracts. Combining the full-spectrum effects of CBD Live Resin and the psychoactive effects of D8 with CBD/D8 Live Resin has proven to be a powerful combination when done right. Try CBD+D8 Live Resin today!